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Launching a new site but don’t want to spend hundreds for your site?

  • Chat with your website
  • 100% powered by AI 🤖
  • Multiple concepts to regenerate
  • Delivered in seconds

  • Try it during the BETA to get a lifetime discount

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How does it work? 🤔

1. Write your project info

Just tell the A.I. your project name, a quick description. Wait a few seconds for building.

2. Chat with your website

Ask changes like:

- Make images bigger

- Change background color to red...

Add/Edit texts images 

and ⚡️regenerate blocks

3. Publish it

After your customization, publish your site using: 


-, a custom domain with SSL.

Get a lifetime discount during the BETA!



Choose a plan to publish your website

✅ Unlimited sites!
✅ Unlimited visitors!
✅ Publish/download websites
✅ Embed widgets, scripts, codes
✅ Free stock photos
✅ Themes / Fonts / Dark Modes
✅ Image & file uploads
�� short domains
✅ Custom domains
✅ No ai2page branding

Lock in a lifetime discount exclusively for BETA users!

Yearly Options [🤑 50% OFF]


Best deal

Unlimited ⚡️Copilot Actions


($588 per year)



Up to 12000 ⚡️Copilot Actions


($288 per year)



Up to 3600 ⚡️Copilot Actions


($108 per year)

Monthly Options


Unlimited ⚡️Copilot Actions




Up to 1000 ⚡️Copilot Actions




Up to 300 ⚡️Copilot Actions




Can I ask something/feature?

Your interest would make my day! 🥳
Your satisfaction is my top priority. 

if you have any questions, please use this 👉

What is is a service that uses artificial intelligence to generate beautiful and unique websites for you. It offers multiple concepts to regenerate which are delivered in seconds, enabling users to create stunning websites without spending hundreds of dollars. you may build one-page sites for pretty much anything.

How is different from other website builders? is different from other website builders because it uses artificial intelligence to create unique designs for every project it processes. It offers multiple concepts to regenerate which are delivered in seconds, while other website builders often use pre-built templates to create websites.

How long does it take to generate a website on generates websites within a few seconds. Once you write the prompt, artificial intelligence will deliver the website within seconds.

What do I get?

You get one page website that is generated by AI for pretty much anything. You will able to publish/edit and regenerated as required.

Can I download HTML source code?

Yep, you can download the source code in the editor

Do I have full ownership?

Yes, you have full ownership of the website. You can do whatever you want with it.

What if I don't like it?

You can regenerate the website, add/remove blocks. Generative AI can be a bit unpredictable, just contact me and I'll see how I can improve the results for you!

Can I get a discount during the BETA?

Yes, users can get a lifetime discount during the BETA


Powered by OpenAI-API

Our website generator is 100% powered by artificial intelligence, ensuring unique and beautiful results for your projects.

Multiple Concepts to Regenerate

With the power of AI, we can generate multiple concepts for your website in just seconds, giving you more options to choose from.

Delivered in Seconds

Don't wait for weeks or months for your website to be ready. Our AI-powered generator can deliver your unique site in just seconds.

Try it Today

Get a lifetime discount during the BETA!

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